Here is a new full-length recording from The Burlinson|Whitten Trio, which has absolutely nothing to do with advertising save for this post asking you to give it a listen.  “Velodrome features 13 tracks, one of which concerns bicycling though not the competitive kind.   Another is about a modern day Sisyphus called, appropriately enough, “C’mon Sisyphus.”  And there’s one tune sung entirely in French, which is a stretch since neither Burlinson nor Whitten speak the language fluently.   We hope you enjoy it.

John Slattery in Lincoln ad campaign on Nat Whitten blog.

The MKZ Hybrid spot is among the work featured in a new campaign for Lincoln from Team Detroit, with the gentleman who portrays a partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as the narrator. What did I have to do with this? See the excerpt below.

That’s right, 8 words. The explanation: my partner John Tymkiw and I created the theme “Smarter than luxury.” CCO Toby Barlow and EVP Eric McClellan took the premise and with their team fashioned it into the work you see above. The conclusion: it’s always gratifying to contribute ideas that make it to the finish line. “It’s not just luxury. It’s smarter than that.” can be evidenced at a Lincoln dealer near you.

We all have to wash our hair. (Or not, but eventually the result turns tragic.) Rather than use haircare products that are tested on animals, why not choose a natural formula that is as good for the planet as it is for your boiffant?